World Championships

World Championships 2025


3 – 10 August 2025, Birmenstorf, Switzerland


The World Championships 2025 will take place in Switzerland for the third time, this time in Birmenstorf in the canton of Aargau. The venue, Hardwinkelhof is located  only 20 mins from Zurich airport but is  centrally located yet close-to-nature. Icelandic horse fans and horse enthusiasts can look forward to seeing the world’s best horses and riders in Icelandic horse sport and breeding. In addition, an attractive side programme with concerts, food stalls, various shopping opportunities, will provide an experience for young and old. Therefore, unforgettable moments are already guaranteed.

The WC is organized by VIS WM 2025 (Islandpferde – WM 2025 in der Schweiz) and FEIF.


A national sport team at World Championships for Icelandic Horses can comprise of up to 7 rider/horse combinations and a reserve horse, a reserve rider or a reserve rider/horse combination. In addition, up to five extra eligible rider/horse combinations and a reserve horse, a reserve rider or a reserve rider/horse combination can be added to the team, provided that the extra riders are at least 16 years old and not more than 21 years old in the calendar year. Young riders may choose to compete in a separate age division or with the adults.

Only one horse per rider is allowed in the World Championships sport competitions. The rider/horse combination cannot be changed after the final entry. Excepted from this is when the reserve is entered in accordance with the rules.

The reigning World Champions are allowed to participate as World Champion at the succeeding World Championships with the same or another eligible horse.

Photo: Peter Niess



During the World Championships, a Breeding show is organised where each full FEIF member associations may enter a maximum of 2 horses per age group, whereas no reserve horses are possible. The horses may take part in both the breeding and sports classes, but the shoeing may not be changed at all during the World Championships.

A horse may only represent the member association in which it was born. All stallions presented for judgement must have proof of parentage either by blood type or DNA analysis (born from 2006 on).

Stallions and mares are shown in separate classes in the following age groups:
a) 5 years old
b) 6 years old
c) 7 years old or over

European Championships (1970 – 1989)

  • 1970 – First European Championship in Aegidienberg, Germany.
  • 1972 – European Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • 1975 – European Championships in Semriach, Austria
  • 1977 – European Championships in Skiveren, Denmark
  • 1979 – European Championships in Uddel, the Netherlands
  • 1981 – European Championships in Larvik, Norway
  • 1983 – European Championships in Roderath, Germany
  • 1985 – European Championships in Vårgårda,
  • 1987 – European Championships in Weistrach, Austria
  • 1989 – European Championships in Wilhelmsborg, Denmark

World Championships (since 1991)

  • 1991 – First World Championships in Norrkoping, Sweden
  • 1993 – World Championships in Spaarnwoude, The Netherlands
  • 1995 – World Championships in Fehraltorf, Switzerland
  • 1997 – World Championships in Seljord, Norway
  • 1999 – World Championships in Rieden, Germany
  • 2001 – World Championships in Stadl Paura, Austria
  • 2003 – World Championships in Herning, Denmark.
  • 2005 – World Championships in Norrkoping, Sweden
  • 2007 – World Championships in Oirschot, the Netherlands
  • 2009 – World Championships in Neckertal, Switzerland
  • 2011 – World Championships in St. Radegund, Austria
  • 2013 – World Championships in Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 – World Championships in Herning, Denmark
  • 2017 – World Championships in Oirschot, Netherlands
  • 2019 – World Championships in Berlin, Germany
  • 2021 cancelled (COVID-19), planned: Herning, Denmark 
  • 2023 – World Championships in Oirschot, Netherlands
  • 2025 – World Championships in Birmenstorf, Switzerland

World Champions 2023

Jóhanna Margrét SnorradóttirBárður frá MelabergiIST1 Tölt
Máni HilmarssonGljátoppur frá MiðhrauniSET2 Tölt
Frauke SchenzelJódís vom KronshofDEV1 Four Gait
Sara SigurbjörnsdóttirFlóki frá OddhóliISF1 Five Gait
Elvar ÞormarssonFjalladís frá FornusöndumISPP1 Pace Test
Elvar ÞormarssonFjalladís frá FornusöndumISP1 Pace Race 250m
Helga HochstögerNóri von OedATP2 SpeedPass 100m
Jóhanna Margrét SnorradóttirBárður frá MelabergiISC4 Four Gait Combination
Caspar Logan HegardtOddi från SkeppargårdenSEC5 Five Gait Combination
Herdís Björg JóhannsdóttirKvarði frá PuluIST1 Tölt - Young Rider
Lena BeckerBikar frá Ytra-VallholtiDET2 Tölt - Young Rider
Jón Ársæll BergmannFrár frá SandhólISV1 Four Gait - Young Rider
Glódís Rún SigurðardóttirSalka frá Efri-BrúISF1 Five Gait - Young Rider
Benedikt ÓlafssonLeira-Björk frá Naustum IIIISPP1 Pace Test - Young Rider
Freja Løvgreen GandrupFjölvi fra HedegaardDKP1 Pace Race 250m - Young Rider
Alicia PalmLjúfa från EkeholmSEP2 SpeedPass 100m - Young Rider
Jón Ársæll BergmannFrár frá SandhólISC4 Four Gait Combination - Young Rider
Benedikt ÓlafssonLeira-Björk frá Naustum IIIISC5 Five Gait Combination - Young Rider