FEIF Privacy Statement

FEIF, the International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations, registers data of persons related to activities of FEIF. These persons are either officials of FEIF or FEIF member associations, participants of meetings and events, riders in WorldRanking events, World Championships and YouthCup and designated other national events and breeders of horses.

For riders of sport events related to the FEIF WorldRanking or designated other rankings the name of the rider is stored, and in specific cases the age class and sport nationality as well. These data are published in specific public accessible ranking lists and result lists on one or more websites. Related to sport results, horses and their pedigree are registered and published, including the name of their breeder(s). The data involved are supplied by member organisations based upon the result lists of public events.

For officials and participants of meetings name, address, phone, e-mail and function/license are registered, and for specific functions like trainers, instructors, judges, boards of directors published on public accessible websites. Officials can request to leave their address away from any publication. However, name and country of residence, and in specific cases the expiration date of a license will be published. The data involved are provided by the persons themselves or in their name by one or more FEIF member associations.

Sport results are kept forever, including the name of the rider and horse with his breeder(s). The history of licenses and participation in meetings will be kept forever, including the name of the person related to the license. Data like address, e-mail and phone will be removed one calendar year after the year the last license expired, or the last meeting was attended.

Website User Registration

FEIF allows individuals to register on its website to participate in specific activities.  Casual visitors to the website are not required to register and no personal data is collected from these casual visitors.

FEIF collects names, email addresses and country of residence from the individuals who choose to register on the website.  This information is retained as long as the individual remains an “active” user of the website.  If an individual does not sign-in on the website for a period of one year, their data will be deleted and all data purged from the FEIF servers.

Website Cookies

The FEIF website uses cookies to improve our visitors’ experience on the web site.  We do not share any personal information with any third-party for any reason.  FEIF does not use any form of personalized advertising on the website and does not share your activity on our website with anyone.

Requests for Data & Requests to Delete Data

Any person can request a copy of the data stored on his or her name in back office systems. Such a request should be addressed to office@feif.org. A request will be handled within a period of 4 weeks.

Any person can request to be removed from any registration. By consequence, any actual licenses will expire and any proof of attendance of a meeting will be lost. For riders with results registered in any ranking or result list, the results will be removed from such a list and the rider will lose his/her ranking position or title. Such a request should be addresses to office@feif.org. A request will be handled within a period of 4 weeks.

All data are stored in a secure environment on internet inside the European Union / European Economic Area. Access to non-public information (back office) is allowed to a limited number of officials, with access to data related to their function. Access is granted by the Board of FEIF.

January 2021