Warnings & Bans

All persons and corporate bodies (e.g. riders, judges, organisers, other officials, associations) involved in Icelandic horses are committed to fair, comradely and sportsmanlike behaviour to one another, and correct behaviour towards the horse. All persons are bound to the Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct regarding the Welfare of the Horse and Fair Play and Equestrian Sport as described in the FEIF General Rules and Regulations. FEIF is maintaining a register of warnings given to persons for breaching these rules during events in the various member countries. FEIF also maintains a list of persons banned (suspended) for a specific period from participation in any event in any country.

Registration of a warning (general)
Registration of a ban (general)
Registration of a warning (sport)
Registration of a ban (sport)
Registration of a ban – late withdrawal (sport)
Warnings and bans breeding: registration via WorldFengur


Bernt Severinsen12 Jul 2024Unsportsmanlike behavior against the judges and the competition organisers
Hannah Klein Tesselink24 Jun 2024“No show” at a final
Hannah Mikkelsen10 Jun 2024“No show” at a final
Martin Heller30 Jun 2024Rough riding
Thomas Haag06 May 2023Rough riding


No person with a ban.