Youth Work

FEIF Youth Work started in 1986 when a first “international youth week” was arranged by FEIF and the Netherlands.

The goal of FEIF Youth Work is to bring together young people from different countries. All should share a passion for the Icelandic horse, and participants will learn a lot about the culture, traditions and the place of the horse in thehost nationa. The shared language at all FEIF Youth events is English.

Photo: Hestamannafélagið Sörli

The goal of FEIF Youth Work

The central goal of the FEIF Youth Work Department is to encourage young people from across FEIF member countries to meet, to engage with one another, and to build on their love for, and understanding of, the Icelandic horse.

We want to create an international platform, so young people can develop life skills, and grow as individuals.

Within transnational communities, learning takes place in the following areas:

  • Taking good care of the horse, and the natural environment
  • Responsibility for self and others, including the horse
  • Supporting one another through good times and periods of stress
  • Intercultural communication and understanding
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Tolerance of those with differing opinions
  • Teamwork capability
  • Development of personal skills
  • Improved English language competence

Photos: Sophia Humpert (Photo competition 2022) and Martina Karl (Photo competition 2022)

Young Riders at World Championships 

World Championships are organised every two years (uneven years) in one of the member countries.

Competitors, who in accordance with the FEIF General Rules are eligible, and who are at least 16 years old and not more than 21 years old in the calendar year, may compete in the World Championships. Countries may send up to 5 young rider/horse combinations. Since 2013, young riders have their own A-finals, and B-Finals were introduced in 2019 for classes in which the number of entrants is greater than 20 riders.

FEIF Youth Award

In order to encourage and support good practice in youth work at national and regional level, FEIF presents the Annual “Youth Country of the Year Award”.

This trophy goes to the country which has offered the most challenging, innovative and inclusive programme for children and teenagers throughout the year.

Gaining the Award also gives the winning nation one extra space at the FEIF Youth Camp, or Cup in the following year.

Youth Award

See the countries who were “FEIF Youth Country of the Year”.

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News from Youth Work 

Annual Youthwork Meeting 2024

Annual Youthwork Meeting 2024

As can be seen from the photo, we aim to put the horse at the centre of everything we do…  This is also true for this year’s annual meeting of Youth leaders, representing 11 FEIF member countries. Some time was spent on evaluating newly introduced changes in the FEIF...

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Young Committee members 2024

Young Committee members 2024

Along with other candidates who were elected in the Delegates' Assembly 2024, three new young committee members will also start their 2-year position on FEIF committees: Jana Etzold (DE) will serve on the Leisure Riding committee, Marie Bruun Hansen (DK) on the Sport...

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FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award for 2023

FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award for 2023

The FEIF Youth Country of the Year Award for 2023 went to Luxembourg. A small country by most measures, the national association for Luxembourg nevertheless managed to create a good range of inclusive, creative and imaginative activities for their children and teenage...

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