Youth Award

FEIF Youth Country of the Year 2023

A small country by most measures, the national association for Luxembourg nevertheless managed to create a good range of inclusive, creative and imaginative activities for their children and teenage rider members over the year. Who would not like to join in a two-day event for children which included games, craft activities, making their own book and 2 riding lessons per day? Or a village fete, showcasing the Icelandic horse? Or a high-class photoshoot of up and coming (very) young stars with their horses? But that is not all. Teenage riders are given increasing possibilities to enter competitions at home and in neighbouring countries. At this speed of development, and with clear goals in mind, this group might well become a force to recon with.
CONGRATULATONS to the Youthwork team of Luxembourg, and to all young participants!

Winning countries


2006 – Great Britain
2007 – Iceland
2008 – Sweden
2009 – The Netherlands
2010 – Austria
2011 – Netherlands
2012 – Germany
2013 – USA
2014 – Finland
2015 – Sweden
2016 – France
2017 – Denmark
2018 – The Netherlands
2019 – Austria
2020 – Switzerland
2021 – Great Britain
2022 – Sweden
2023 – Luxembourg

All reports sent in since 2013 are available in the archive of the youth documents, just click on the link and enjoy reading and get inspired!