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FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse

Latest news

FEIF Tour Rider Cup 2021

FEIF Tour Rider Cup 2021

Month 2 – and more and more participants! A growing number of participants from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the US has meanwhile signed up for the FEIF Tour Ride 2021 with a lot of kilometers and hours. Congratulations to...

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Sport judges seminar and test

Sport judges seminar and test

Due to the current situation, the FEIF Sport Judges’ seminar in September 2021 will take place as online seminar (Zoom) on 17th September 2021 (entire day). This seminar is open to International FEIF Sport Judges. Interested persons not listed as International FEIF...

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EHN News Letter July 2021

EHN News Letter July 2021

The European Horse Network (EHN) published a newsletter with an overview of current and future activities. Items included are the Green Assets of hoses, to define, qualify and quantify environmental impacts of equines and the revision of EU VAT rules. EHN is active...

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FEIF WorldRanking T3: Click to explore
1Vilborg Smáradóttir6.887
2Kári Steinsson6.877
3Ragnar Snær Viðarsson6.833
Good & Harmonious Riding: Click to explore
Julie Christiansen
Arnella Nyman
Anne Frank Andresen

Upcoming events

Seminars / Meetings

  • 17 Sep 2021
    FEIF Sport Judges' Seminar
  • 18-19 Sep 2021
    Sport Judges' exam
    Dahlenburg (DE)
  • 29-30 Oct 2021
    FEIF Committee Meetings 2021
    Haarlem (NL)

WorldRanking Events

  • 01-08 Aug 2021
    World Championships 2021 -
    Herning (DK) (WC)
  • 04-08 Aug 2021
    DIM Wehrheim 2021 (WR) - IPZV e.V.
    Wehrheim (DE)
  • 06-08 Aug 2021
    NK Exloo - IJRN IJsland Rijders Noord
    Exloo (NL)

Breeding Shows

  • 16-20 Aug 2021
    Síðs Hafnarfjörður (IS)
    International Breeding Show
  • 16-20 Aug 2021
    Síðs. Hólar (IS)
    International Breeding Show
  • 16-20 Aug 2021
    Síðs.Hella (IS)
    International Breeding Show