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FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse

Latest news

IceFoal Platform

IceFoal Platform

The FEIF foal and young horse evaluation system is based on the first system developed by the former FEIF Breeding judge Barbara Frische. It has been further developed based on genetic analyses from by Dr. Þorvaldur Árnason as well as updates in the judges’ guidelines...

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Sport Judges guidelines 2024 now published

Sport Judges guidelines 2024 now published

The prime judging criterion should be the harmony between horse and rider. The rider must handle the horse with fairness, delicacy and respect; be its true leader rather than its dominator. At all times the rider must put the horse’s welfare paramount and guard its...

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Speaker checklist for sport events

Speaker checklist for sport events

This "Speakers Checklist for Sport Events" provides a comprehensive set of guidelines for speakers tasked with officiating competitions. It emphasizes the importance of effective communication, rule knowledge, and professionalism for speakers in sports events....

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WorldRanking and Harmonious Riding

FEIF WorldRanking for T1: Click for complete results
1Jóhanna Margrét Snorradóttir8.800
2Jóhann R. Skúlason8.723
3Sys Pilegaard8.647
Good & Harmonious Riding: Click for all riders
Anne Hiemstra
Emma Rottiers
Lena Maxheimer

Upcoming Events

Seminars / Meetings

  • 01-07 Jul 2024
    Landsmót Hestamanna 2024
    Hestamannafélagið Fákur (Iceland)
  • 13-21 Jul 2024
    FEIF YouthCup 2024
    Münsingen (Switzerland)
  • 08-11 Aug 2024
    Nordic Championships
    Herning (Denmark)

WorldRanking Events

  • 13 Apr 2024
    Fengur-Sundabakki Sport WR 1 - Fengur
    Sundabakki Islandshästar (SE)
  • 13 Apr 2024
    Marma Torp WR Sport Nivå 2 -
    Marma Torp (SE)
  • 13-14 Apr 2024
    WR Exloo 2024 -
    Hippisch Centrum Exloo (NL)

Breeding Shows

  • 14 Apr 2024
    FIZO Wortel (conformation)
    Wortel (Belgium)
  • 21 Apr 2024
    Jonge Hengstenkeuring
    Álftakot, Hazerswoude-Dorp (Netherlands)
  • 27 Apr 2024
    FEIF Bygningsbedømmelse 2
    Dyrskuepladsen Roskilde (Denmark)