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FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse

Latest news

Nordic Championships 2022

Nordic Championships 2022

A record number of riders participating in the Nordic Championships 2022 The Nordic Championships for Icelandic horses will begin on Tuesday the 9th of August in Åland, Finland, with the best horses in the Nordic countries competing for the coveted title of Nordic...

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Youth Master 2022

Youth Master 2022

As the FEIF YouthCup 2022 had to be cancelled, the Dutch youth committtee organised a nice alternative - the Youth Master. Between the 28th and 31st of July the event took place in Wortel, Belgium at the beautiful stud of Frans Goetschalckx. The idea was to offer...

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MEM – Mid-European Championships 2022

MEM – Mid-European Championships 2022

Most of the riders and horses meanwhile arrived at the venue of the Mid-European Championships 2022 - on Thursday August 4, 2022 the event will start with about 190 participants from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland....

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FEIF WorldRanking for P1: Click for complete results
1Markus Albrecht Schoch21.490
2Konráð Valur Sveinsson21.497
3Sigursteinn Sumarliðason21.607
Good & Harmonious Riding: Click for all riders
Daníel Ingi Smárason
Emil Fredsgård Obelitz
Frauke Schenzel

Upcoming events

Seminars / Meetings

  • 14-15 Oct 2022
    FEIF Committee Meetings 2022
    Haarlem (NL)
  • 21-23 Oct 2022
    Sport Judges' Exam 2022
  • 03-04 Feb 2023
    FEIF Conference 2023

WorldRanking Events

  • 20-21 Aug 2022
    Bornem (BE)
  • 20-21 Aug 2022
    OSI & LVM Hannover-Bremen Verden 2022 (WR) - Verdener Islandpferdefreunde e.V.
    Verden (DE)
  • 20-21 Aug 2022
    Pur Cheval 2022 -
    Breteau (FR)

Breeding Shows

  • 15-19 Aug 2022
    Síðsumarssýning Gaddstaðaflötum við Hellu (IS)
    International Breeding Show
  • 15-19 Aug 2022
    Síðsumarssýning Hólum í Hjaltadal (IS)
    International Breeding Show
  • 15-19 Aug 2022
    Síðsumarssýning Sörlastöðum í Hafnarfirði (IS)
    International Breeding Show