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FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse

Latest news

Do you know what “BLUP” means?

Do you know what “BLUP” means?

One of the most important support available for breeders of Icelandic horses are BLUP values, reflecting the breeding value of individual horses. The BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) calculations for Icelandic horses are done for the entire population (all...

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Social License to Operate in the Equine Industry

Social License to Operate in the Equine Industry

Credibility, professionalism and trust! After numerous incidents that were problematic from an animal welfare point of view, there has recently been harsh criticism of equestrian sports. More and more often we read  headlines in the public media such as : "Sport or...

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Photo competition 2023

Photo competition 2023

The first voting for this year's photo competition has ended and the likes have been counted - which means that the first three pictures for the months of January, February and March of the next calendar have been selected by you! Congratulations to Jenny John,...

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WorldRanking and Harmonious Riding

FEIF WorldRanking for V2: Click for complete results
1Lucy Nold6.913
2Sunna Sigríður Guðmundsdóttir6.753
3Vilborg Smáradóttir6.720
Good & Harmonious Riding: Click for all riders
Anna Christine Ulbæk
Anne Stine Haugen
Christina Lund

Upcoming Events

Seminars / Meetings

  • 14-19 Jul 2023
    FEIF YouthCamp 2023
    Ypäjä (Finland)
  • 08-12 Aug 2023
    World Championships 2023
  • 27-28 Oct 2023
    FEIF Committee Meetings 2023
    H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe, DE (Germany)

WorldRanking Events

  • 31 May-04 Jun 2023
    SE - Skånska Mästerskapen - Ófeigur Islandshästförening
    Margaretehof, Everöd. Skåne (SE)
  • 01-05 Jun 2023
    DE - DJIM 2023 (WR) - SAGA-Reitschule Grenzlandhof
    Grenzlandhof (DE)
  • 02-04 Jun 2023
    DK - Fynsmesterskaberne - Skeifa
    Odense (DK)

Breeding Shows

  • IS – Hella I
    Gaddstaðaflatir (Iceland)
  • 03-04 Jun 2023
    NL – Stal Álftakot
    Álftakot, Hazerswoude-Dorp (Netherlands)
  • 05-09 Jun 2023
    IS – Hella II
    Gaddstaðaflatir (Iceland)