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FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse

Latest news

Riding in Harmony – Photo competition

Riding in Harmony – Photo competition

Only one more week to send in your best photos for the "RIDING IN HARMONY" theme of the photo competition 2023 - don't miss this chance to have your photo included in the limited edition photo calendar 2024! We already received a variety of great photos on this theme...

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Livestream World Championships 2023

Livestream World Championships 2023

No time to travel to Oirschot for the World Championships 2023? There is a solution.... livestream passes are now available, with an early bird discount until July 1!With the livestream passes, you'll have a front-row seat to all the action, no matter where you are....

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Do you know what “BLUP” means?

Do you know what “BLUP” means?

One of the most important support available for breeders of Icelandic horses are BLUP values, reflecting the breeding value of individual horses. The BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) calculations for Icelandic horses are done for the entire population (all...

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WorldRanking and Harmonious Riding

FEIF WorldRanking for T3: Click for complete results
1Carrie Lyons Brandt6.977
2Svandís Aitken Sævarsdóttir6.890
3Elín Árnadóttir6.877
Good & Harmonious Riding: Click for all riders
Anna Christine Ulbæk
Anne Stine Haugen
Jin Xing Wan van Werven

Upcoming Events

Seminars / Meetings

  • 14-19 Jul 2023
    FEIF YouthCamp 2023
    Ypäjä (Finland)
  • 08-12 Aug 2023
    World Championships 2023
  • 27-28 Oct 2023
    FEIF Committee Meetings 2023
    H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe, DE (Germany)

WorldRanking Events

  • 08-11 Jun 2023
    OSI Alpenhof 2023 (WR) - Gestüt Alpenhof + IPF Argental
    Großholzleute (DE)
  • 08-11 Jun 2023
    OSI Lingen 2023 (WR) - IPRV Lingen - Emsland e.V.
    Lingen (DE)
  • 09-11 Jun 2023
    AT - Oberösterreichische Meisterschaften - Islandpferde Andorf
    Islandpferdehof Lichtegg (AT)

Breeding Shows

  • 05-09 Jun 2023
    IS – Hella II
    Gaddstaðaflatir (Iceland)
  • 05-09 Jun 2023
    IS – Fákur
    Hestamannafélagið Fákur (Iceland)
  • 12-13 Jun 2023
    CH – Brunnadern 2023
    Reithof Neckertal Brunnadern (Switzerland)