FEIF unites people in their passion for the Icelandic horse!

We want to

  • to connect Icelandic horse culture, riding, lifestyle, enjoyment and passion
  • to focus on horse welfare
  • to provide pro-active service and knowledge
  • to continuously improve and unify standards
  • to promote the pure-bred Icelandic horse throughout the world
  • to improve recognition of the Icelandic horse

What is FEIF?

A group of Icelandic horse enthusiasts started FEIF in Germany in 1969. The name they gave the organisation was a statement of what they were – friends of the Icelandic Horse: Föderation Europäischer Islandpferde Freunde (FEIF). Nowadays, FEIF stands for International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations and represents 22 Icelandic Horse Associations worldwide, counting over 80.000 members. FEIF is, in fact, a hugely ambitious project, which holds the Icelandic horse world together across the globe, while endeavoring to overcome the differences in culture, politics and language. What does that entail?

  • in sport and breeding: to ensure that there is only one set of standards/rules
  • in education: to see that all FEIF instructors and trainers have a comparable skill set, regardless of where they trained
  • in leisure riding: to create a sense of common identity and community, regardless of whether you are crossing the Rocky Mountains, or riding along the North Sea
  • in youth work: to strengthen what we all share, the love for the horse – particularly for young people


The FEIF Goals

  • to put the welfare of the horse first in everything we do
  • to organise large scale events, giving people an opportunity to enjoy Icelandic horse culture, riding and life style, and to support and develop standards
  • to define the aspects of the Icelandic horse culture and promote them
  • to maintain the purity and quality of the breed
  • to develop and maintain a sole register for the Icelandic horse
  • to show respect towards the environment
  • to establish and continuously improve comparable standards for education
  • to support member and aspiring member associations to develop their infrastructure as the basis for growth
  • to maintain and improve internal and external communication

Horse welfare and ethics

FEIF believes that horses and humans have evolved a unique partnership, and that horses have an important role in society, which is as relevant today as it was 1,000 years ago. Whether as family pets, equine athletes, conservation grazers, or companions, horses contribute to our lives, cultures, and economies. This partnership is right as long as people take full responsibility for their horses’ welfare.

FEIF’s code of conduct is based upon the Codes of Conduct of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) and requires acknowledgement and acceptance that, at all times, the welfare of the horse must be paramount.

FEIF’s continued push to improve riding skills also advances the welfare of our beloved Icelandic horse. This becomes obvious on FEIF’s list of riders singled out for Good and Harmonious Riding. These riders – independent of their marks – demonstrate they clearly put the horse first in the presentation. 


Attention: Spam emails from fake FEIF addresses

Attention: Spam emails from fake FEIF addresses

There are currently strange emails sent out to many FEIF contacts asking for money or for help.Please do not click on any links, do not answer or forward them but categorize them as spam emails or deleted them. The email addresses are fake addresses!

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Select stallions – virtual mate selection

Select stallions – virtual mate selection

A lot of knowledge can be found in the Studbook of Origin of the Icelandic Horse (WorldFengur.com) e.g. information on individual horses, pedigree, assessment on conformation and rideability at Breeding Field Tests (BFT). Genetic evaluation (BLUP values), that...

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New Judges 2023

New Judges 2023

We are happy to inform that in total six candidates passed either of the exams to become International Sport Judges or International Breeding Judges and they are from this year on actively judging breeding shows and sport competitions! CONGRATULATIONS! New...

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FEIF is a member of the European Horse Network (EHN)

The European Horse Network is a network to exchange views on political developments affecting the horse sector in Europe, to discuss and define common interests on the political agenda, to discuss and define technical and R&D issues of common interest to move for development of the horse sector in Europe,

FEI – Fédération Équestre Internationale and FEIF signed an agreement of Official Mutual Recognition.
The Official Mutual Recognition is based on a joint commitment to equestrian sports and fostering its growth as we will work to continue to enhance best practice and further development. FEI and FEIF recognize the significant role that each plays in the development of equestrianism worldwide, and therefore, official recognition is an important step for FEIF as the official body responsible for the Icelandic horse.