FEIF Timer App

FEIF Timer is a utility to support the management and judging of Icelandic horse oval track competitions conducted under the international rules established and maintained by FEIF.

FEIF Timer keeps track of the time elapsed in groups tests and finals in the different sections. The users selects the appropriate test and section then touches the start button to start the countdown.  The app shows the remaining time for the judges to do their work.  A tone sounds and the background color of the remaining time changes from green to yellow when half the time has elapsed.  At 15 seconds remaining a two-beep tone sounds and the background turns orange.  At 5 seconds remaining a five-beep tone sounds and the background turns red.

The FEIF Timer is available as an optional add-on to the “Classic” IceTest software, in the IceTest NG software, and in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Photo by Peter Niess

IceTest Next Generation

After the FEIF Software Conference 2011, a committee started to work to define the requirements for the next generation of sport competition software: IceTest NG. This new software was done by a commercial party. Contact for further information:

Young Horse Evaluation App

The Young Horse Evaluation tool is developed and maintained in cooperation with FEIF and Barbara Frische to automate the linear assessment of your horses.  The tool provides a percentage based calculation of the observed traits of a young horse for conformation, character, and movement abilities.

This type of assessment and the results computed by the app are not a substitute for training and presenting horses for full, ridden evaluations.

This Young Horse Evaluation tool is now part of  IceTest NG.