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When FEIF was formed in 1969, one of its founding goals was a set of recurring international competitions. The European Championships (first held in 1970 in Aegidienberg, Germany) matured into the World Championships (first held in 1991 in in Norrkoping, Sweden), and the need for uniform competition rules and tests was obvious, as were the training and the examining of the people to judge them.

In 1976 FEIF published the first set  of rules, named IPO International. The international sport rules would undergo regular revisions in the decade that followed, some of the modifications were marginal, others were structural and even revolutionary. The name of the rules where changed to FEIF Islandpferdeprüfungs-Ordnung, for many years known as FIPO. Since 2017 all rules have been put together in one big book, the FEIF Rules and Regulations.

Tracks and tests

Gaited tests in tölt, four gait (walk, trot, canter, tölt) and five gait (walk, trot, canter, tölt and pace) – with different levels of difficulty – are ridden on an oval track. The performance of horse and rider is judged, mainly through the quality of the gaits. 

Races in pace (both with flying start and start from start boxes) take place on (straight) pace tracks. The pace track is also used for the pace test, a test focussing on the combination of the quality of the gait and the speed.

Other tests emphasize other qualities of horse and rider, like flag race, trail, cross country, in hand showing and free style performance.

Photo by Neddens Tierfoto


FEIF started the WorldRanking in 1995. No matter where you compete as a rider, you compete with other riders at other events for a position in one or more rankings.

The WorldRanking compares the performance of riders in Tölt T1, T2, T3 and T4; Four gait V1 and V2; Five gait F1 and F2; Pace test PP1; Pace races P1 250m, P2 SpeedPass 100m, and P3 150m. To ensure a level playing field for all riders, WorldRanking events have to meet certain standards: the programme of tests, the dimensions of the oval track and pace track, the way equipment checks are performed, and of course, the judges.

World Championships

World Championships are organised every two years (uneven years) in one of the member countries. The event is the opportunity to experience the best horses and riders!

All full FEIF member associations may send teams that can comprise of up to 7 rider/horse combinations and up to five extra eligible rider/horse combinations plus a limited number of reserve rider/horse combinations. 

In 2021 we are looking forward to welcome you at the great premises in Herning, Denmark – with a fantastic celebration of the Icelandic horse, the best riders of the world and an unforgettable experience for thousands of spectators from all over the world!

Photo: Neddens Tierfoto

World Championship judges 2017

International Sport Judges

Sport judges are officials adjudicating at sport tournaments. Sport judges ensure that Rules are being followed, that events are carried out in the fair spirit of good sportsmanship and that the welfare of the horse is kept paramount at all times.

The sport judge licences have various degrees, the license as a FEIF International Sport Judge being the most advanced. The individual FEIF member associations are responsible for basic education, training and certification of sport judges at lower levels. The sole right to certificate FEIF Licenced International Sport Judges lies with FEIF



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Upcoming sports events

  • 04-08 Aug 2021
    DIM Wehrheim 2021 (WR) - IPZV e.V.
    Wehrheim (DE)
  • 05-08 Aug 2021
    Svenska Mästerskapen 2021 - SIF
    Norrköping (SE)
  • 06-08 Aug 2021
    NK Exloo - IJRN IJsland Rijders Noord
    Exloo (NL)
  • 07 Aug 2021
    Tagesturnier Fläsch - Pferdepension Stocker und Snjóka Islandpferdehof
    Fläsch (CH)
  • 13-15 Aug 2021
    OSI Trappistenhof 2021 (WR) - Greitemeier
    Bad Driburg (DE)
  • 19-22 Aug 2021
    DJIM 2021 (WR) - IPZV e.V.
    Ellenbach (DE)
  • 20-22 Aug 2021
    Debelmose WRL Stævne - DI Event
    Skjern (DK)
  • 21-22 Aug 2021
    OSI & LVM H-HB Erwachsene Verden 2021 (WR) - Verdener IPF e.V.
    Verden (DE)
  • 27-29 Aug 2021
    OSI Schleuener Hof 2021 (WR) - Schleuener Hof
    Kremmen (DE)
  • 28-29 Aug 2021
    ISIHAMMER SAGA-Reitschule Grenzlandhof 2021 (WR) - IPRZM e.V.
    Mandelbachtal (DE)

News from Sport 

Sport judges seminar and test

Sport judges seminar and test

Due to the current situation, the FEIF Sport Judges’ seminar in September 2021 will take place as online seminar (Zoom) on 17th September 2021 (entire day). This seminar is open to International FEIF Sport Judges. Interested persons not listed as International FEIF...

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New World Record in P1 (250m Pace Race)

New World Record in P1 (250m Pace Race)

Congratulations to Daniel Ingi Smárasson [SE] with Hulda från Margaretehof [SE2002201834]  - setting a new world record in the second heat of P1 - 250m Pace Race with a time of 21.07'' at the WorldRanking event ÖSM2021 Stenholmen, Linköping, Sweden on June 4, 2021!...

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Update on the World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2021

Update on the World Championships for Icelandic Horses 2021

Due to the general uncertainty caused by the ongoing COVID situation and the high probability that not all FEIF member countries will be able to participate, FEIF and the organizing committee have reached the conclusion that the World Championships 2021 cannot be held...

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