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FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations 2023 (2,091 Kb)
Changes in Rules and Regulations 2023 - changes as per April 1, 2023 (2,091 Kb)
How to measure the length of a hoof (2,091 Kb)
Speakers Checklist (2,091 Kb)
Sport Judges Guidelines 2023 (2,091 Kb)
IceTest Installation (2,091 Kb)
IceTest Manual (2,091 Kb)
IceTest Update (2,091 Kb)
Annual Sport meeting 2023 (2,091 Kb)
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FEI Equine Vaccination Requirements (2,091 Kb)
FEI Prohibited substances (FEI Clean Sport) (2,091 Kb)
Press releases
A brief history of international sport judging (2,091 Kb)
25 Years of WorldRanking (2,091 Kb)
FEIF Code of Conduct for WorldRanking Judges (2,091 Kb)
Information on equipment for judges and ringmasters 2023 (2,091 Kb)
Judges and Ringmasters information for equipment checks 2023 (2,091 Kb)
MEM 2022 - Time Schedule (2,091 Kb)
Shoeing and Equipment Checks (2,091 Kb)
The gaits of the Icelandic Horse - basic definitions (2,091 Kb)
Track Surfaces Report (2,091 Kb)
Track Surfaces Report (Layman Version) (2,091 Kb)
Approved information
250x4m oval track drawing (2,091 Kb)
250x6m oval track drawing (2,091 Kb)
300x6m oval track drawing (2,091 Kb)
Figures Tests track drawing (2,091 Kb)
P2 track schematic (2,091 Kb)
PP1 track schematic (2,091 Kb)
Instructions for WorldRanking Registrars 2021 (2,091 Kb)
Procedure for National Rankings (2,091 Kb)
Application Form for World Records to be recognized by FEIF (2,091 Kb)
Application Form for WorldRanking Competitions 2023 (2,091 Kb)
Free Style Performance (Judging form) (2,091 Kb)
Registration Form for International Sport Judges (2,091 Kb)
Registration of a ban - sport (2,091 Kb)
Registration of a warning - sport (2,091 Kb)
Registration of Change of Representation (2,091 Kb)
Shoeing Control Form (2,091 Kb)
Vet form 1 (fit to compete) (2,091 Kb)
Vet Form 2 (per test) (2,091 Kb)
Withdrawls from tests (2,091 Kb)
Sport results (complete) - World Championships 2023 (2,091 Kb)