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FEIF encourages a level playing field in the overall Icelandic horse sport — including breeding, competition, and even leisure riding.  The riding and training equipment should always be used correctly with regard to proper maintenance;  sizing and fit; and, with education level of both the horse and rider in mind. FEIF’s rules are built on the assumption of “correct use” with a few notable exceptions that are regarded as “Prohibited equipment”.

The General Rules and Regulations (see Chapter G8) describe what equipment is allowed and what equipment is not allowed.  These rules are applicable for sport and breeding and also for youth events like the FEIF YouthCup.
In addition to this, there is a list of prohibited equipment.

Frequently asked questions Sport (FAQ)

Sometimes equipment doesn’t fit in either the description of what is allowed and what is not allowed. In such cases the description of what is allowed prevails. Equipment not described as allowed is not allowed. There are some items that might cause confusion as it is not totally clear to everybody if they are allowed or not.

Alternative shoeing

Based on the description in the FEIF Rules and Regulations (G8.3.2.3) the use of alternative shoes is possible. According to the FEIF Rules and Regulations alternative shoes must be used as manufactured without any modification, which means that alternative shoeing CANNOT be used in combination with added soles and/or filling.

Clipping and shaving

The same goes for clipping and shaving: this is allowed when needed for the health of a horse.

Filling material

Filling material is only allowed inside the hoof (G8.3.2). Extensions of the hoof (like on the back side) are not allowed, even not for reasons of protection. When protective material is used, the understanding is that this is material can be taken off in order to determine the weight. This is not the case with material that is glued to the hoof.

Rubber bands in manes

It is not allowed to change the natural shape of the horse with artefacts and specific techniques. However it is allowed to use rubber bands only to divide the manes of a horse evenly when the (heavy) manes are otherwise unbalanced and would hinder the performance of the horse.

Snow grip

In winter time the use of ‘snow grip’ (rings/soles with extra grip on the ground, to be used on slippery surfaces) is allowed for safety reasons, in addition to nails and studs as described in the Genaral Rules and Regulations G8.3.2. The ring/sole itsef should fit otherwise in the description in G8.3.2.