Download IceTest

3Please note IceTest and other IceHorse tools are originally designed for 32-bit Windows systems, including Windows 7. However several users report succesful installations in combination with Windows 8, 10 and 11 as well. Before you install IceTest, you must be logged in as a user with administrator privileges.Be sure to run setup procedures ‘As Administrator’ (right mouse click), even if you are logged in with administrator privileges. Click here for some tips when installation problems arise in Windows 8 or 10. It is also recommended that you turn off all antivirus or security software. Don’t forget to turn them back on after successful installation.

Questions about IceTest? Contact Marko Mazeland at .

Current version:  The latest full release of IceTest is 1.1.725, updated setup, released 06-June-2012. The latest update is 1.1.820, released 03-May-2020.


06-June-2012: IceHorseTools 2012 (1.1.725; 52.5 MB, EXE) Will install the latest versions of all IceHorseTools applications. If you have a previous version of IceHorseTools installed, you are advised to uninstall the earlier version (go to “Start – Control Panel – Software” for that) before installing this release. Click here for update information. Don’t forget to download the latest update as well. Also available in zip format.

03-May-2020: IceTest Update 1.1.820 (6.7 Mb, EXE). Fast update for users of 1.1.725 or higher only. Click here for update information. Also available in zip format.

12-May-2004: FIPOTimer 1.2.200 (2 Mb, EXE). Also available in zip format.

15-Mar-2023: FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations 2023 (107 Kb, EXE). Replaces the current FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations by the rules valid starting April 1, 2023. For events starting April 1, 2023 or later. Also available in zip format.

Note on FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations: Changes of FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations will be valid April 1 until March 31 the next year. A new set of FEIF Sport Rules and Regulations for IceTest will be published at the same time. IceTest has been adapted to allow rules of previous years to be valid until April 1 (version 1.1.590 or later).

Problems during download?

It is recommended to save the requested software or documents first on your PC before starting installation.

If the download doesn’t start or if you get the message that the requested page is not available, you should check the settings of Windows and your browser first. Recent security patches of Windows and/or your browser might block download of files like the ones available here. Please check first if current settings allow you to download software from Internet. It is also recommended to check the settings of your browser.

Before you install IceTest, you must be logged in as a user with administrative privileges (elevated mode). Note for Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 users: In Windows, User Account Control (UAC) and its Admin Approval Mode are enabled by default. When UAC is enabled, local administrator accounts run as standard user accounts. This means that when members of the local Administrators group log on, they run with their administrative privileges disabled. When you install, a User Account Control prompt is displayed, click Continue to start the application and let the installer run elevated. It is also recommended that you turn off all antivirus or security software. (You can turn them back on after successful installation.)