Tekla Petersson

T1 - Tölt

T2 - Tölt

V1 - Four Gait

F1 - Five Gait

PP1 - Pace Test

P2 - SpeedPass 100m

Ranking 2024T1 - Tölt6.180269
Ranking 2024T2 - Tölt6.015246
Ranking 2024V1 - Four Gait6.185272
Ranking 2024F1 - Five Gait6.75045
Ranking 2024C4 - Four Gait Combination6.183206
FEIF WorldRankingT1 - Tölt6.143446
FEIF WorldRankingT2 - Tölt6.523235
FEIF WorldRankingV1 - Four Gait6.133437
FEIF WorldRankingF1 - Five Gait6.95745
FEIF WorldRankingC4 - Four Gait Combination6.138356

Tekla Petersson has been nominated for good and harmonious riding at 1 event.

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