Maria Gjellestad Bosvik

T1 - Tölt

V1 - Four Gait

Ranking 2022T1 - Tölt6.550215
Ranking 2022V1 - Four Gait6.485204
Ranking 2022C4 - Four Gait Combination6.518170
FEIF WorldRankingT1 - Tölt6.557229
FEIF WorldRankingV1 - Four Gait6.523221
FEIF WorldRankingC4 - Four Gait Combination6.540184

Maria Gjellestad Bosvik has been nominated for good and harmonious riding at 1 event.

Maria Gjellestad Bosvik is currently representing Norway.

The current Country of Representation ('Sport Nationality') is either based upon the (last) team membership or an explicit registration by the rider. A proper registration before April 1 of the year in question is required for any change of a Country of Representation (FEIF General Regulations G2.1.4).