Mayara Gerevini

T1 - Tölt

T2 - Tölt

T3 - Tölt

4.67Vordís vom Forsthof
AT: NÖM Stratzing
20 Sep 2009

T4 - Tölt

V1 - Four Gait

V2 - Four Gait

5.47Vordís vom Forsthof
AT: NÖM Stratzing
20 Sep 2009

F1 - Five Gait

F2 - Five Gait

PP1 - Pace Test

P2 - SpeedPass 100m

10.22Sefja vom Vindstaðir
AT: Passerquali und NÖ-Meisterschaften
20 Jun 2021

P3 - Pace Race 150m

Ranking 2021T2 - Tölt6.450103
Ranking 2021PP1 - Pace Test6.14562

Mayara Gerevini is currently representing Austria.

The current Country of Representation ('Sport Nationality') is either based upon the (last) team membership or an explicit registration by the rider. A proper registration before April 1 of the year in question is required for any change of a Country of Representation (FEIF General Regulations G2.1.4).