Kirsten Valkenier

T1 - Tölt

T3 - Tölt

T4 - Tölt

V2 - Four Gait

F1 - Five Gait

F2 - Five Gait

PP1 - Pace Test

2.29Árdís fra Teland
NL: Exloo Internationaal 2022
22 May 2022
3.17Vivaldi fra Teland
NL: NK Exloo
08 Aug 2021
1.83Vivaldi fra Teland
NL: IJRN International 2021
20 Jun 2021
0.46Litli-Dagur fra Teland
WC: World Championships 2019
11 Aug 2019
3.50Litli-Dagur fra Teland
NL: NK Ijslandse paarden 2019
14 Jul 2019
1.00Kveldroði frá Hásæti
DE: OSI Lingen 2015
03 May 2015

P2 - SpeedPass 100m

0.00Árdís fra Teland
NL: Exloo Internationaal 2022
22 May 2022
12.69Vala vom Wiesenhof
NL: IJRN International
24 May 2015

P3 - Pace Race 150m

23.36Stássmey frá Hollenskum Landamærum
NL: Wedstrijden Zuid
23 Aug 2015

Kirsten Valkenier is currently representing Netherlands.

The current Country of Representation ('Sport Nationality') is either based upon the (last) team membership or an explicit registration by the rider. A proper registration before April 1 of the year in question is required for any change of a Country of Representation (FEIF General Regulations G2.1.4).