Julia Wejberg

T1 - Tölt

T2 - Tölt

T3 - Tölt

V1 - Four Gait

5.73Freir fra Kaakkola
FI: Islanninhevosten suomenmestaruuskilpailut
10 Jul 2016
5.60Freir fra Kaakkola
FI: Alsaelan WR-kilpailut
19 Jun 2016
4.87Freir fra Kaakkola
FI: Krafturin WR-kilpailut
22 May 2016
6.10Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Islanninhevosten mestaruuskilpailut 2015
05 Jul 2015
5.87Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Krafturin WR-kilpailut
24 May 2015
5.70Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Gaedingurin WR-kilpailut
26 Apr 2015
5.80Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Finnish Championships
06 Jul 2014
5.60Alvar fra Lasola
FI: WR-kilpailut
11 May 2014
5.40Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Finnish championships
30 Jun 2013
5.60Alvar fra Lasola
FI: Drómin WR-kilpailut
25 May 2013

V2 - Four Gait

FEIF WorldRankingT2 - Tölt6.490262

Julia Wejberg is currently representing Finland.

The current Country of Representation ('Sport Nationality') is either based upon the (last) team membership or an explicit registration by the rider. A proper registration before April 1 of the year in question is required for any change of a Country of Representation (FEIF General Regulations G2.1.4).