FAQ World Ranking

If you cannot find your results, your name or your horse in WorldRanking or in case your name is spelled incorrectly, the following informtion might help to answer your questions.

I cannot find any results of the WorldRanking event I participated in

After a FEIF WorldRanking event, results have to be sent to the FEIF WorldRanking office by a national registrar. The organiser of the specific event has to send the results to the registrar first. After a check, the results are forwarded to the FEIF WorldRanking office following a specific procedure. When results do not meet all requirements, the registrar receives a request to send in corrected results once more. This may cause a delay. The status of results can be checked in the list of WorldRanking events.

I cannot find my marks or times of the WorldRanking event I participated in.

As of 2009, all horses participating in FEIF WorldRanking Events have to be registered in WorldFengur. This allows FEIF to include sport results of horses in WorldFengur.
First of all, check if your horse is registered in WorldFengur. If so, check if you did register the FEIFId of the horse when registering for the event. If both is true, contact the organiser or national WorldRanking Registrar to check if no mistakes have been made when registering the horse.
Without a proper FEIFId for the horse, marks or times are ignored.

What is the difference between the FEIF WorldRanking and the Annual Ranking?

The FEIF WorldRanking is based upon the 3 best marks or times per test per rider (independent of the horse ridden) in the last two years (730 days). As the results remain valid during this period, a rider not active in specific year may still keep his or her position for a longer period.
The Ranking for a specific year is based upon the best two marks or times per test per rider (independent of the horse ridden) since January 1. This creates a more lively ranking, with more moving up and down

Why should my horse be registered in WorldFengur to make my results valid?

As of 2009, FEIF wants to add more value to the data in WorldFengur, the central database for Icelandic horses. Adding sport data will help breeders to select mates for their horses, especially if their aim is to breed good sport horses. FEIF WorldRanking events provide results that are comparable world wide. To link sport data to breeding information, a proper registration of horses at FEIF WorldRanking events is essential.

The results of a specific test are missing in the results of a FEIF WorldRanking event.

All (WorldRanking) oval track classes at FEIF WorldRanking events have to be judged by 5 judges. At least two of them have to have a license as FEIF International Sport Judge, and at least one of those two should have his or her residence abroad. When these requirements are not met, results are not accepted fot the specific tests.
Organisers should plan carefully when inviting and scheduling judges. The names of the judges with a FEIF License are listed at the bottom of the result list of the event. The same goes for tests not accepted.

(Exceptions granted in 2021 only based on request before the event)

I participated in a FEIF WorldRanking event, but my name is spelled wrong.

First of all, always check if your name is spelled right in result lists at competitions. This will avoid problems. When correction is needed afterwards, this should be arranged through the national WR registar of the country where the event took place. 

Can I get a complete overview of all my marks and times at FEIF WorldRanking events?

Yes, you can. Select ‘WorldRanking’ in the menu on the left, go to ‘Riders’ and enter your name. The complete history since 1995 is available.

Can I send my missing results directly to the FEIF WorldRanking office?

No, this is not possible. Results have to come from the organiser of an event, via the national registrar. Please contact the national WR registrar or the national sport leader.

Is there an overview of the results per FEIF WorldRanking event?

Yes, select ‘WorldRanking’ in the menu and go to ‘Events’. The list of events of the current year is shown, but events of previous years are available as well.

Can I request a correction of my name directly from the FEIF WorldRanking office?

No, has to be arranged through the national WR registar of the country where the event(s) took place.