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The FEIF WorldRanking is a system to compare results of riders of pure-bred Icelandic horses at selected sport events all over the world with each other.

FEIF started the WorldRanking in 1995. It is a continuous system: every day a new ranking list is computed. The riders' position in the ranking lists may vary per day! Riders can check what events do count for the FEIF WorldRanking and what marks they did get at any WorldRanking event.

How is the position of a rider computed?

The position of a rider in any discipline in the FEIF WorldRanking is based upon the arithmetic mean of the three best results with any horse in the respective disciplines. Starting 2016, a clear distinction is made between the individual oval track tests (T1, T2, V1, F1; Sport A) and the connected group tests (T3, T4, V2, F2; Sport B) . In Sport A any rider will need at least three scores of 5.50 or higher in the track classes Tölt T1, Tölt T2, Four Gait V1, Five Gait F1 or the equivalent time in Pace Race 250m P1 (25.60") and SpeedPass P2 (8.70"). In Sport B any rider will need at least three scores of 5.50 or higher in the track classes Tölt T3, Tölt T4, Four Gait V2, Five Gait F2 or the equivalent time in Pace Race 150m P3 (16.50") to be able to enter the ranking list for a specific test. Any rider may be ranked in Sport A classes and Sport B classes at the same time. And results are only valid for a period of two years (730 days). Riders have to go on competing to keep their position in the ranking list.

The combination in Four Gait and Five Gait combines the ranking in two or three different tests. The Four Gait combination is based upon the best ranking in Tölt T1 or Tölt T2 plus the ranking in Four Gait V1 (divided by 2). The Five Gait Combination is based upon the best ranking in Tölt T1 or Tölt T2 plus the ranking in Five Gait F1 plus the best ranking in Pace Race 250m P1, SpeedPass 100m P2 or Pace Race 150m P3 or Pace Test PP1 (divided by 3). The results used for the calculation per rider may be achieved at different events with different horses.

Individual results of riders and horses

Apart from the various ranking lists, a historical overview of results of any individual rider and any individual horse is available. Per horse, the complete pedigree and marks received at WorldRanking events are available. To ensure a proper connection between sport data and breeding information, only marks and times of horses properly registered in WorldFengur will be accepted.


At least three judges judging WorldRanking tests at WorldRanking Events have to be FEIF Licensed International Sport Judges and one of them should be a foreign judge (having residence in another country). 



29 Apr 2017: Tagesturnier Münsingen (CH)

5-7 May 2017: Islandsmesterskapet 2017 Momarken Travbane (NO)

5-7 May 2017: Kärntner Meisterschaften Leibsdorf (AT)

12-14 May 2017: Intern. Sportturnier für Islandpferde mit WR und WM Qualifikation Alps Coliseum Bozen (IT)

13 May 2017: Sport A Qualifikationsturnier und WM-Qualifikationsturnier für Passbewerbe Brunnadern (CH)

13-14 May 2017: BK IJslandse Paarden Bornem (BE)

19-21 May 2017: Midtnorsk Mesterskap 2017 Tresfjord (NO)

20-21 May 2017: Breidablik Sport A Oirschot (NL)

25-28 May 2017: Hrimnirstevnet IsiCup 2017 Drammen (NO)

26-28 May 2017: 1. WM-Qualifikationsturnier Hombrechtikon (CH)

26-28 May 2017: Oberösterreichische Meisterschaft, 1. WM Qualifikation Andorf (AT)

27-28 May 2017: Romme nivå 2 WR Borlänge (SE)

2-4 Jun 2017: IJRN Internationaal Exloo (NL)

2-5 Jun 2017: Pinsestevnet 2017 Seljord (NO)

3-4 Jun 2017: Passerqualifikation und FIZO St. Radegund (AT)

9-11 Jun 2017: Sleipnirstevnet 2017 Biri Travbane (NO)

16-18 Jun 2017: Salzburger & Tiroler Meisterschaft, Österreichische Jugendmeisterschaft, 2. WM.Quali Strasswalchen (AT)

16-18 Jun 2017: Villingurstevnet 2017 Forsand (NO)

22-25 Jun 2017: St. Hansstevnet 2017 Grimstad (NO)

30 Jun-2 Jul 2017: WR Enclavehof - Wortel Wortel (BE)

6-9 Jul 2017: 2. WM-Qualifikationsturnier und Schweizer Meisterschaften Brunnadern (CH)

6-9 Jul 2017: Norwegian championships Tresfjord (NO)

6-9 Jul 2017: Österreichische Meisterschaft, 3. und letzte WM Quali Semriach (AT)

12-16 Jul 2017: DI DM Herning (DK)

14-16 Jul 2017: NK IJslandse Paarden Exloo (NL)

7-13 Aug 2017: World Championships 2017 Oirschot (NL) (WC)

25-27 Aug 2017: Niederösterreichische Meisterschaft Langschwarza (AT)

23-24 Sep 2017: 3.Basler Islandpferde-Sporttage Basel (CH)

29 Sep-1 Oct 2017: Steirische & Burgenländische Meisterschaft Semriach (AT)

6 Oct 2017: Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show I Shelbyville (US)

7 Oct 2017: Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show II Shelbyville (US)

7-8 Oct 2017: WR Enclavehof - Wortel Wortel (BE)

8 Oct 2017: Kentucky Icelandic Horse Show III Shelbyville (US)

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