TR1 – Trail

TR1 – Trail


The test is conducted in a suitable area. No element should have such hazard to cause danger to horse or rider. A test should have at least 5 elements.


Only one horse at the start at a time. Up to three horses are allowed in the track at the time.


The judges use a scale of marks from 0.0 to 10.0 (inclusive), with half points for each required section. The final mark is the arrhythmic mean of all sections. All final marks are rounded to one decimal following the common arrhythmic rules.


See  FEIF Rules and Regulations for further details and drawings.


The following elements could be included:

  • Open gate from horseback, go through and shut it
  • Poles on the ground, the horse must step over them
  • Water – must be ridden through
  • Bridge (min. width 90 cm, min. length 1,50 m) must be ridden over
  • Circle of sawdust (diameter around 5 m), let the horse wait in the circle, the rider must go outside around it (ground tying)
  • Poncho or something like it – placed on a pole: take it from one side, ride at least 5 m and put it down the other side
  • Barrel, ride in slalom in tölt or trot
  • Leading of the horse
  • Mount and dismount horse
  • Walk with loose reins – min. 40 m
  • Canter – min. 100 m on one rein, no sharp bends
  • Load into a trailer – the trailer must be of a solid construction with a non-slippery floor. The horse must be led into the trailer and stand there min. 10 sec. quiet, unloading
  • Gate with ribbons (width 90 cm, height around 1,90 m) must be ridden through/ridden under
  • Step backwards – out of a lane of poles (about 5 m long)
  • Seesaw/”Wippe” (min. width 90 cm, min. length 1,50 m) must be ridden over
  • Labyrinth of poles lying on the ground – must be ridden through in walk
  • Drag something along (e.g. a filled sack)
  • Riding through a narrow gap in a wall or fence
  • Polo over a certain distance
  • Softball transport (min. 5 balls)
  • Super slalom around 4 poles, distance of 80 cm to 1 m / 4 m width
  • Slalom around barrels without touching reins

Additional tests, suitable for Icelandic horses, can be added.