T4 – Tölt

T4 – Tölt

Eligible horses

Combinations starting in this test are excluded from other tölt tests at the same event.

Preliminary Round

The test is ridden in groups of up to three riders on the oval track, instructed by the speaker.


  1. any speed tölt.
  2. slow, steady and calm speed tölt.

Return to walk and change rein.

  1. slow to medium speed tölt, holding both reins in one hand clearly showing no rein contact with the horse’s mouth).

The marks for section 3 will be doubled.

    Final Round

    The finalists show the required sections including rein changes as instructed by the speaker as described in S2.3.2.

    FEIF WorldRanking T4: Click to explore
    1Styrmir Árnason6.823
    2Brynja Viðarsdóttir6.813
    3Lilja Thordarson6.770

    Finals and preliminary rounds with more than one horse on the track

    The horses must enter the oval track at the speaker’s command on the rein on which the first section is begun (see S2.4). The riders spread themselves evenly around the oval track. The beginning and the end of each section is directed by the speaker.

    During the intervals when the marks are being shown, the horses may only be ridden at walk. In order to spread out, the riders can circle at the request of the speaker, under supervision of the chief judge.

    Exit via the oval track.

    Left rein and right rein groups

    In preliminary rounds with more than one horse on the track the riders may choose their starting rein when they enter the competition. Starting groups will be created based on the riders’ choice of rein.  When no preference is indicated, left rein is assumed to be the preference. Riders will start the preliminary on the rein specified in the starting order.

    In finals, the majority of the riders determine the rein on which the first section is begun. In the event of a tie the vote of the preliminary round’s winner is doubled. If this does not break the tie, the decision is made by coin toss.

    References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations

    Check the complete document also for further details.