P2 – SpeedPass

P2 – SpeedPass: Pace Race 100m with flying start

This test is conducted on a pace track, where should be at least a stretch of 50m before the start of the timed stretch of 100m.


One horse at a time proceeds to the start. At the starters’ signal, the rider rides to the start of the time stretch (= starting line) in any gait they wish. On crossing the starting line, time keeping starts. From there to the finish line the horse must be in racing pace. There will be two rounds.

Starting order

Before the first round, lots are drawn to set the starting order. In the second round the same order as in the first can be used or the starting order is set by the rating in the first round. In the latter case the slowest horse(s) will start first. The system of the starting order for the second round has to be announced on the starting list for the first round.


The use of an approved whip is allowed.

FEIF WorldRanking for P2: Click for complete results
1Konráð Valur Sveinsson7.320
2Teitur Árnason7.337
3Hans Þór Hilmarsson7.360

Video: www.isibless.com


Four judges are needed.

  • judge 1 at the starting line;
  • judge 2 between the 0m and 50m marks;
  • judge 3 between the 50m and 100m marks;
  • judge 4 at the finish line

The judges show green flags if the horse was in pace in their section. The judges show red flags if the horse was not in pace in their section. If at least one red flag is shown the run is considered not valid.


Each rider must be clearly identifiable.

Active leg aids are allowed in the race. Any aids to urge the horse to go faster, which could distract the other riders taking part, are forbidden. Horses waiting for the next heat must stand at least 30 m behind the finishing line.

References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations. Check the complete document for further details.