FS3 – In-hand showing

FS3 – In-hand showing in the dressage arena

Free choice of presentation. The horse is shown from the ground.


Number of elements minimum 5, maximum 8. Length of test about 5 minutes.

The program of the test shall be created by the rider. The test (including diagrams) is to be submitted in writing on the required forms before the start of the competition to the competition secretary.

Possible elements:

  • training on the ground
  • lunging the horse
  • lunging with 2 reins
  • free dressage “from the ground”
  • driving from the ground
  • long reins
  • without reins or lunge contact

Other elements which can be done without riding the horse are allowed.


It is allowed to show the horse without any equipment. Clothing of the rider should correspond with the test.


Suitable music is to be provided by the rider. Multiple pieces of music are only allowed when a representative of the rider is available to play the music in the right order on the equipment provided by the organiser of the competition.


3 Judges score individually and separately.

The individual test elements as well as

  • handling of the horse,
  • harmony,
  • idea and presentation,
  • use of aids

will be judged with a scale of marks from 0.0 to 10.0 (inclusive) with half points. There are no separate marks for the music (but music is obligatory).

When getting zero for one or more individual test elements, points will be deducted from the sum of the marks in the following manner:

  • 1st zero 3 points
  • 2nd zero 8 points (total: 11)
  • 3rd zero 17 points (total: 28)
  • 4th zero elimination

The total to be reached consists of the sum of the marks for the individual test elements plus the four marks for the general impression minus deductions divided by the number of individual test elements plus four, thus ranging from 0.0 to 10.0 (inclusive), rounded to one decimal.

In case of equal marks for the first place, the judges shall show the final ranking.

Dressage arena

The dressage arena should be 20 x 40 m or 20 x 60 m, and be marked with the proper signs shown in the drawings in S17.6. In case of a 20 x 60 m arena, only the marks A, F, B, M, C, H, E and K will be used on the outside of the track. Organisers are allowed to mark the middle of the distance between F-B, B-M, K-E and E-H with an extra mark, for instance a dot.

References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations. Check the complete document for further details.