FR1 – Flag race

FR1 – Flag Race

The rider has one minute to proceed, by any route, to A to begin the test.  The rider may start the test on either rein.


The test is conducted on a pace track of 200 m. When needed, an oval track may be used.

The start line and finish line should be clearly marked. An even number of buckets filled with sand standing on a barrel must be available on the track. Before the start of any rider, a flag on a pole should be placed in every odd bucket (1/3/5 …). It must be easy to take the flag out of a bucket and to put it back in the next bucket (2/4/6 …).

Starting order

Before the first round, lots are drawn to set the starting order. The starting order is the same in the first and second round. Every combination is entitled to two runs. However, only the best round counts.

References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations. Check the complete document for further details.


Only one horse at the start at the time. After an acoustic and visible signal given by the starter (who must be a judge), the horse starts in a free gait. At every odd bucket (1/3/5 …) the rider takes the flag out of the bucket and puts it back in the next bucket (2/4/6 …). After the last bucket the horse passes the finish line. The visible signal indicates to the three timekeepers at the finish line that the horse has started.


A judge monitors every pair of buckets. If a flag falls out of a bucket during the test after being placed into the right bucket, 15 penalty seconds are added to the time of the specific run.

No Mark

If a rider makes a turn or fails to put a flag into the right bucket, the run is marked zero.