Figures – FG1

FG1 – Level 1

The rider has one minute to proceed, by any route, to A to begin the test.  The rider may start the test on either rein. If the rider shows trot, the rider should show rising trot on the correct diagonal and change diagonal at X.


  1. The rider begins in slow to medium tempo tölt (or trot) and nods at A to begin the test. The rider completes one Figure 8 keeping an even rhythm (beat and speed) throughout the entire figure.
  2. The rider executes a circle at A in any speed tölt (or trot). The rider crosses the diagonal and executes a second circle at C.  The rider crosses the diagonal again to finish the element at A.  The rider must keep an even rhythm (beat and speed) throughout the entire element.
  3. The rider makes a transition to walk and rides across the diagonal in a relaxed, but still energetic walk with rein contact. At C, the rider halts for three seconds and nods to indicate the end of the test.


References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations. Diagrams showing the figures arena can be found in chapter S17.12


Dressage arena

  • The dressage arena must be 20 x 40m or 20 x 60m.  Side markers should include A, B, C, E, F, H, K and M.
  • The arena should be marked according to dashed lines in the diagrams included with the descriptions of the tests.  The marking should be made with paint or chalk dust.
  • The large circles at “A” and “C” are 14m in diameter.
  • The small circles at “A” and “C” in FG2 are 10m in diameter.
  • The small circles at “B” and “E” in FG3 are 8m in diameter.


Two judges score individually.


Riders are permitted to select their own music.  The volume of the music is determined by the chief judge of the test.

Eligible horses

Combinations may only start in one Figures test at the same event.

Boots & Protective Equipment

Boots and leg protective equipment are not allowed on the horse.