CR1 – Countryside riding

CR1 – Countryside riding


Only one horse at the start at the time.


The judges use a scale of marks from 0.0 to 10.0 (inclusive), with half points for each required section.

If there are timed sections, the fastest combination (after adding penalty seconds) gets a mark of 6.0. Every next combination will be marked with 0.2 less, so the second combination will get 5.8, the third 5.6 and so on. However, the lowest mark possible is 0.0.

The final mark is the arrhythmic mean of all sections. All marks are rounded to one decimal following the common arrhythmic rules.


References in the text refer to the current version of the FEIF Rules and Regulations. Check the complete document for further details.


The length of the test and the test itself depends on the local possibilities. The difficulty of the trail used should not exceed the standards for normal countryside riding. It is allowed to dismount the horse.

The following elements can be included:

  • uphill – downhill, the requirements can have different difficulties
  • canter on right/left rein
  • racing canter (in a timed stretch)
  • jumping fences (e.g. a log), also easier possibilities, max. height 60 cm
  • passing special situations (e.g. a tractor)
  • narrow passages
  • riding through water
  • riding different gaits in different stretches

General remarks

Length of test: 15 to 50 minutes. The test is conducted in the countryside.

The main emphasis should be the harmony between horse and rider and also the rider’s handling of the horse when passing difficult situations which could happen while riding in the countryside.