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December 2 2023 | General

In 2023, the WorldRanking event in Osterfingen, Switzerland ended the WorldRanking season 2023: 12 countries registered a total of 112 WorldRanking events, with 5037 horses and 19.923 results from preliminaries. https://www.feif.org/sport-dept/worldranking-statistics/

At 43 International Breeding Shows in 10 different FEIF countries, 495 stallions and 960 mares were fully assessed. https://www.feif.org/feif/facts-figures/?item=BreedingShows

All FEIF International Sport Judges at WorldRanking events can nominate riders to be included in the list of Good and Harmonious Riding because of their fine riding style. This is independent from the test, or the marks given. Máni Hilmarsson was nominated 8 times at 4 different events, Susanne Birgisson (DE) was nominated 11 times at 3 different events, and she won the FEIF Feather Prize at the World Championships. Congratulations to all 144 riders who have been nominated for Good and Harmonious Riding in the 2023 competition season. Thank you to all riders listed for being such excellent examples of the type of riding we want to see in our sport!
Follow the link for the complete list of Good and Harmonious Riding: https://www.feif.org/sport-dept/worldranking/good-harmonious-riding/

If you are interested in more facts&figures, just follow this link: https://www.feif.org/feif/facts-figures/.

Overview of the key figures 2023:

Members: 67411
Clubs: 531
Horses (alive): 307518
Breeding shows: 43
WorldRanking events: 112
Riders at WR events: 2876
Horses at WR events: 4223
International sport judges: 99
International breeding judges: 30
   Level 1: 987
   Level 2: 453
   Level 3: 416
   Level 4: 31
   Young horse trainers: 573
   Advanced horse trainers: 58