FEIF Virtual Ride: To Fákur and Fast

July 7 2024 | Leisure Riding

With the beginning of Landsmót, the FEIF Virtual Ride “To Fákur and Fast”  has come to an end. Last August, ca 80 riders from all over the world started  to add up all kms spent in the saddle in an attempt to  – virtually – reach Iceland, either as an individual or in teams. Together they achieved almost 30.000 km. The top individual distance of 2482km was accomplished by a rider from Germany, who exceeded her own target by 140km – an  astonishing feat. Congratulations to all participants, riders and horses alike.

Where next? The coming World Championships in Switzerland, of course. Registration will open next week, so watch this space. It’s free, it’s fun and it earns you new friends. Make sure you join!