TOY 2023 – Nomination period

November 3 2023 | Education

As in the previous years, FEIF would again like to honour the “FEIF instructor/trainer of the Year“.

It is up to each country to nominate one candidate per member association by December 15, 2023. All candidates have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • a candidate must be a member of a FEIF Member association
  • a candidate must be listed on the FEIF Trainer matrix 2023
  • a candidate must be working as active instructor/trainer
  • It is up to the national education departments to decide who to nominate, reasons can for example be: best trainer/instructor exams of the year; extraordinary work as an instructor/trainer/coach; outstanding engagement as instructor on specific kind of work with children, disabled, sport riders etc.

More information on the instructors/trainers 2016 – 2022 can be found here

Photo: Trainers/Instructors of the Years 2016 – 2022