To Fákur, and fast!

August 20 2023 | Leisure Riding

And they are off… the new FEIF Virtual Ride has just started.  

Riders will go “To Fákur, and fast”, the venue for Landsmót 2024 in Reykjavík. The idea is simple: over the next year, riders will count and add up all km ridden out from your own stable. The target distance is the distance from your home to the venue. Rides can be logged on the FEIF website, and every month the totals are shared within the group. Since for most riders, Iceland is quite a long way away, teams can collaborate and add their km together to make it to Reykjavík in time. For free registration and more info see

Each year the ride also starts a new Facebook group – this is where all adventures along the way are shared. Join in on New this year, on Instagram, please use the hashtags #feiforg and #feifvirtual. The FEIF virtual ride is a great way to meet and interact with Icelandic horse riders from all over the world. And in many instances what starts as a ‘virtual’ contact, soon ends up in real meetings and growing friendships.

Happy tölting!

Photo: Seline Vogel, photo competition 2023