Trainer / Instructor of the Year 2022

January 9 2023 | Education, General

Thank you for your votes for the Trainer/Instructor of the Year 2022!

The following trainers/instructors were nominated by their national associations this time  (in alphabetical order): Caeli Cavanagh, United States of America, Catherine Mynn, Switzerland, Liva Hvarregaard, Denmark, Nina Bergholtz, Sweden, Runa Dejaifve, Belgium, Senta Bigerl, Germany, Sigvaldi Lárus Guðmundsson, Iceland.

If you want to know more about the Trainer/Instructor of the Year award and the trainers/instructors of the past years, you can find out on the FEIF website.

The voting for the Trainer/Instructor of the Year for 2022 has ended.  The results will be announced at the FEIF Conference in February 2023.