FEIF Facts and Figures 2022

December 11 2022 | General

The Icelandic Norwegian Horse Festival ended a great 2023 WorldRanking season: 12 countries registered a total of 110 WorldRanking events, more than 2,700 riders with almost 4,000 horses participated! https://www.feif.org/sport-dept/worldranking/worldranking/

At 47 breeding shows in 2022, more than 2,350 horses were assessed, thereof 1,819 full assessments. The number of horses born have been updated and you can find many more information in WorldFengur, log in and enjoy the vast amount of information and data https://www.worldfengur.com/login.jsp

FEIF International Sport Judges at WorldRanking events can nominate riders to be included in the list of Good and Harmonious Riding because of their fine riding style. This is independent of the test, or the marks given. Caeli Cavanagh (US) who was nominated 8 times at 5 different events for the first time in 2022 is leading the GHR list this year. FEIF congratulates all 140 riders who have been nominated for Good and Harmonious Riding in the 2022 competition season. Thank you to all riders listed for being such excellent examples of the type of riding we want to see in our sport!

Follow the link for the complete list of Good and Harmonious Riding: https://www.feif.org/sport-dept/worldranking/good-harmonious-riding/

For many years already, an annual questionnaire has been sent to all FEIF member countries with the purpose to contribute to the development of the international Icelandic horse scene. Since then, several data on each member country have been published on the FEIF website: https://www.feif.org/feif/facts-figures/