FEIF Policy

August 8 2022 | General

All persons and corporate bodies (e.g. riders, judges, organisers, other officials, and associations) involved in Icelandic horse competitions and other Icelandic horse events are committed to fair, comradely and sportsmanlike behaviour to one another, as well as fair and considerate handling of  the horse. 

The set of FEIF Rules and Regulations include several documents, that outline the behaviours that are expected from everyone involved with Icelandic horses. These documents include the FEIF Ethics principles and the Code of Conduct, the FEIF Youth Protection Policy, the different Codes of Conducts for WorldRanking judges, World Championship judges and Officials at Breeding shows, the FEIF Social Media Policy as well as the FEIF Anti-Doping policy.

More information on all the documents can be found on the FEIF website.

Photo: Jessinia Wallach