FEIF Virtual Rides – to the moon, and back

July 17 2022 | Leisure Riding

Over the years the total distance covered by the FEIF Virtual riders have amounted to 391,154 km. This easily outpaces the average distance to the moon, 384,400 km. The Virtual Rides started in the autumn of 2012 with the Long Ride to Berlin.

The aim was, and continues to be, to offer an alternative to the relay rides, which take the FEIF baton from the site of one World Championships to the next one. Having reached Berlin in 2013,  riders  agreed they had so much fun on the way that they wanted to continue to Landsmót in the following year. What is a little ocean crossing to Iceland, when you are on a virtual adventure? The idea is very simple – since distances can be vast, riders have one year to add all the km ridden out in nature together, record them monthly, and make them count against the total distance between the home of the horse and the venue of the next big event.

If the distance is too far, teams can opt to add all their ridden km together. Social interaction takes place on a dedicated Facebook page, and those who attend in person will also meet during the World Championships or Landsmót. Interested? Why not enter the current ride ‘Over to Oirschot’ which started on 14th July 2022? Join in, and help to bring the adventurers currently circumnavigating the moon, all the way back to earth again.