Over to Oirschot

July 11 2022 | Leisure Riding

Time to start the next FEIF Virtual Ride!

Meanwhile, it has become a good tradition that, in addition to the relay ride, there is also a virtual ride to the venue of the next World Championships. The starting time for the virtual ride is always the end of the Landsmót. The virtual ride 2023 has the motto “Over to Oirschot” and heads towards the Icelandic Horse World Championships 2023 in the Netherlands in Oirschot.

How can you participate?

Participation is very simple. You register yourself and the distance to be ridden from your home to Oirschot on the FEIF website at https://www.feif.org/leisure-riding-dept/virtual-ride/ and report the distance ridden each month. The distance to Oirschot can be determined e.g. via distance.to or any other distance calculator. If necessary, ferry and flight distances can be deducted, as our four-legged friends are not so good at swimming and even less at flying.

It is also possible to form teams to cover the distance to Oirschot together. The details are explained on the FEIF website at https://www.feif.org/leisure-riding-dept/virtual-ride/.

What do I get back?

You can exchange ideas in an international group and get to know riders in other countries, and see how and where people ride. At the same time, you have a goal to reach and thus maybe even ride a little more often.
To make sure it doesn’t just remain virtual, there is traditionally a relay riders’ meeting at the next World Championships, where the relay riders and virtual riders who are present at the World Championships meet and exchange their experiences.

In addition, 50 participants will receive one of the FEIF photo competition calendars at the turn of the year. These calendars cannot be bought but only “ridden” or acquired through other voluntary activities.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the FEIF Virtual Ride!

Photo: Anna Guðmundsdóttir (Photo competition 2022)