FEIF Ride ‘Heading to Hella’

June 8 2022 | Leisure Riding

After 11 months of heading towards Landsmót 2022, the virtual ride is entering its final stage. 70 riders from all over the world have patiently clocked up every km they spend in the saddle, added it all together, and measured the distance between home and Hella. For most the distance is too great to manage on their own, so they form in teams when all km are counted together. By this calculation, 5 teams have arrived already. Congratulations to teams from Belgium, Sweden and Great Britain! Others are very close now…

While all riding is real, and carries the wind in its mane, the social contact between riders happens mostly on Facebook, where participants share picture and stories, each other’s success and sometimes help carry each other’s pain. Landsmót will pass, but the ride will go on. Look out for details of the next  FEIF virtual ride to the 2023 World Championships: ‘Over to Oirschot’.