FEIF Virtual Ride – Heading to Hella

April 1 2022 | Leisure Riding

The first two teams “have arrived” at the  destination: Hella in Iceland where this year’s Landsmót will take place 3-10th July.

Each year riders from all over the world take part in a virtual ride from home – wherever that is – to the summer highlight for Icelandic horse lovers of the given year, either Landsmót or the Worldchampionships.  This is done by by calculating the overall distance to the venue, and then adding together all kms covered in the saddle when out hacking. The 5 members of teams Austur Gotland (SE) and Recrea Belgium have completed the average team distance.

Team Austur Gotland had to cover 2170 kms whereas the 6 Belgian riders completed 2139km together. Congratulations to all! Both teams will continue to ride, and any “excess” mileage will be distributed to our friends from (much) further afield.

There is still the possibility to join the virtual ride! Click on the button for more information!