FEIF Tour Rider Cup 2021

November 13 2021 | Leisure Riding

And the winners of the 2021 FEIF Tour Rider Cup are…


1st place with 167,5 points Simone Freese (adult, DE) with the horse Tryggvi von Walsheim

2nd place with 161 points Jaime Jackson (adult, US) with the horse Holly

3rd place with 159 points Lilu (Young Rider, DE) with the horse Glampi von Arula

4th place with 75,5 points Kylia (adult, DE) with the horse Stjarni

5th place with 73,5 points Japhie (Young Rider, BE) with the horse Hending

Lilu is in addition the winner of the Young Riders category.


And congratulations to all other participants! You achieved amazing results and spent so many hours in the saddle. We hope you enjoyed each single ride. In a year where Covid-19 partly did not allow to meet in person it was wonderful to see that so many of you took the opportunity to take part in the Tour Rider Cup.

As a little reward, the 50 best participants will receive a limited-edition calendar with the best pictures from the FEIF Photo Competition in time before Christmas. And we hope all of you and many more will join the FEIF Tour Rider Cup again in 2022 – start will be on May 1, 2022, the Day of the Icelandic Horse!

Do you have any suggestions for next year or do you want to share some of your experiences? Feel free to send us an email or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.