FEIF YouthCup 2022

November 12 2021 | Youth Work

The next FEIF YouthCup 2022 will take place 23-31 July 2022 and is hosted by Switzerland.

Icelandic horse centre Solfaxi is a beautiful stable about 30 car minutes from Berne, and well used to hosting bigger competitions. Details about costs, (covid) conditions of participation and other relevant information will be published in early February.

For more general information visit https://www.feif.org/youth-work-dept/youth-cup/

For each country we have the following number of riders:
DE, IS, SE, DK ➡️ 7 participants
AT, CH, NL, NO ➡️ 5 participants
BE, FR, FO, FI, US ➡️ 3 participants
GB, IT, LU, SI, CA, HU, AU, NZ, LI ➡️ 2 participants
Host / Winner of Youth Award ➡️ +1 extra participant

Photo: FEIF YouthCup 2004, Netherlands (Eva-Maria Gerlach)