New FEIF Virtual Ride

August 3 2021 | Leisure Riding

On Monday, August 9th, the tenth Virtual Ride set off “Heading to Hella”, host of Landsmót 2022. Over the past 9 years, we have come a long, long way. What is the FEIF Virtual Ride?

Since an actual ride to the venue of either Landsmót, or the World Championships is impossible to organise for the vast majority of Icelandic horse riders, who do not have a horse in Iceland, or who find the challenge of riding from Australia to Oirschot unsurmountable, FEIF has been organising the virtual alternative: ride out from home in the way you normally do, enjoy your horse and your natural surroundings in a stress-free manner, and – at the same time – keep a record of all km you are out there in the saddle.

These distances are then added up over a whole year, and bingo! – you probably made the distance: either solo or as a team. You rode all the way from home to the venue of the biggest Icelandic horse festival of the year. What is more,  in the dedicated Facebook group, you will join a cheerful crowd of fellow riders from all over the world, heading for the same location and sharing their adventures on the way.

Interested? For more information on how to register follow the link!