A great start into the FEIF Tour Rider Cup

June 8 2021 | Leisure Riding

The first month – the first results!

The FEIF Leisure Riding Committee is happy to see the large number of participants who signed up and partly managed to ride quite some kilometres and hours on horseback in the FEIF Tour Rider Cup!
But we would like to invite more people to participate! Let´s make this competition bigger, more thrilling and way more fun!
Do you know anybody who wants to join this outdoor-riding competition? With the warmest and nicest month ahead of us, we can definitely enjoy summer time with our Icelandic horses. It is not too late to join the Tour. You still have a good chance to score high!
Currently we have participants from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, and FEIF has 22 member countries!
At the moment it is a young rider and her horse Glampi who are in the lead – we hope she will be able to keep up with these good results in June and the other months ahead of us. More information about the status of the 2021 tour will follow during the next month on the corresponding page of the FEIF website. And in the meanwhile we are figuring out some nice prizes for our winners and participants.

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Photo: Elisabeth Wetzstein