Editorial corrections R&R

May 12 2021 | General/Sport, Uncategorized

Based on decisions of the Delegates’ Assembly 2021, several corrections and adaptations have been made in the Rules and Regulations, valid by April 1, 2021. None of the following corrections constitutes a change and they are correct in the minutes of the DA 2021, but are typing mistakes/copy paste mistakes when preparing the final document. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

S3.6.3 P3 – Pace Race 150m

Due to a copy-paste mistake, the rules for S3.6.3 P3 – Pace Race 150m mention a judge placed on the 250m line. This should of course be the 150m line.

Corrected page

S3.6.1.4 P1 – Pace Race 250m

A small typo with bigger consequences – the correct text should of course say that the riders with fastest finishing times in the previous ROUNDS (plural) will start together. (for the first round, lots are drawn in order to set the starting order).

Corrected page

The published documents have been corrected, should you have printed the Rules and Regulations, follow the link to find a corrected page.