Riding into the summer with the FEIF Tour Rider Cup

April 24 2021 | Leisure Riding

Worldchampionships cancelled? Parties cancelled? Holidays abroad cancelled? Everything cancelled? DEFINITELY NOT!

Join the FEIF Tour Rider Cup! Start: May 1, 2021

How does the FEIF Tour Rider Cup work?

You ride as often and as long as possible outside in the nature and then you enter your rides on the FEIF website. A ride is valid as soon as it is 90 minutes or longer.

You receive 0,5 points per 30 minutes and only the two longest rides of each week count. You can either go on a ride alone or take all your friends from the stables with you – there are extra points if you are a big group. Be aware that you always have to ride the same Icelandic horse, which has to be at least 6 years old. All riders younger than 21 are “Young riders”, all riders above are “Adults”.

End of October you can enter your very last ride, because in November we will present our winners and award them.

Ride with us and make the best out of summer 2021! Click on the button for detailed rules and sign up for the FEIF Tour Rider Cup!

Photo by Ulrike Roosen-Runge