Trainer/Instructor of the Year 2020

February 14 2021 | Education

The FEIF Trainer/Instructor of the Year award was established in 2016 and all FEIF members are invited to vote for the nominees. For 2020 FEIF received nominations from 6 FEIF member countries and 547 unique responders answered the survey in January 2021.The Trainer/Instructor of the Year 2020 with most votes is Malin Schön, nominated by the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association (SIF).

Malin Schön is a Swedish Icelandic horse Instructor level 1 and a national Sport Judge. She has a great interest and a genuine knowledge, an including attitude, a positive energy and a deep respect for horses and people regardless of ambition level. Her interest in all people and horses regardless of ambition level makes her an exemplary instructor and trainer.

During the year, she has through clinics, lectures and social media spread theoretical knowledge about horses’ psychology and learning abilities as well as practical methods for stimulating learning and training based on the horse’s conditions. Malin combines alternative training methods and communication skills in riding and groundwork. She focuses on a psychological but also physically constructive sustainable horse training perspective. She inspires many horse owners/riders to work and communicate with the horses in a alternating way, both in riding and ground work.