FEIF Youth country 2020

February 14 2021 | Youth Work

The 2020 Award – FEIF Youth country of the year 2020 goes to Switzerland!

IPVCH has put youth work at the very heart of all committee work, which shows in the wide variety of activities offered to children and young riders across the country and a good growth rate of participants.

Some of the more unusual activities include an introduction to shoeing, using the legs of  dead horses, a course on how to fall off safely (and elegantly), and a new emphasis on  learning how to present a horse at a breeding show.  In spite of corona restrictions, the youth team managed to organise a 4-day camp during the summer, and a further 11 training days for their national youth sport team. What’s more, the preparations for the 2022 FEIF Youth Cup, which will take place in Switzerland, are already well on the way, and the international FEIF community is looking forward to seeing the active and imaginative work done in Switzerland for ourselves. Congratulations Switzerland! – You will find this and all other reports that were submitted for 2020 here.