Annual Chairperson Meeting 2017

February 7 2017 | Chairpersons, Conference

The participants of the chairperson meeting provided updates about the latest developments and activities in their countries. As major topics of the meeting the activities of private organisers and actors, the challenge to involve volunteers in the activities in the clubs but also in the national associations and the membership situation were discussed. Upon request, the membership structures in each country was presented and then compared in detail.
Coen Buijsse presented the status of the preparations for the World Championships and described the layout of the area and the planned activities. Several other items were discussed, among them the FEIF IT situation, the counting of members in the member associations, the use of FEIF procedures in each country, Tölt in Harmony and Gædingakeppni as part of FEIF, etc – just to name a few items.
The complete minutes will be available on the FEIF website.