Annual Chairperson Meeting 2014

February 16 2014 | Chairpersons, Conference

The Chairpersons had a productive meeting during the FEIF Conference 2014 weekend in Reykjavík.
The participants discussed the outcome of the SWOT-analyses from the member countries and from FEIF. Both, the outcome and answers from the member associations and from the board provide a good overview of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This will be the basis to decide on more specific goals and action plans for the development of FEIF in the coming years.
It was decided that the board of FEIF will prepare a document describing the rules and decision making procedures within FEIF. The Nordic Chairpersons proposed to establish an election committee and agreed to establish a working group, which will come up with a proposal for a set of rules and standards for nominating members to the FEIF-board and FEIF-committees. It was agreed the members of the group will be Göran Montan, Tim Hutchinson and Margrethe Esaiassen.
It was furthermore agreed that FEIF will prepare a short PowerPoint presentation about FEIF which can be used by member countries to promote and explain FEIF and its activities.
The Danish association offered to organize the FEIF Conference 2015 – details will follow in due time.