Annual Chairperson Meeting 2013

February 17 2013 | Chairpersons

In the annual meeting for national Chairpersons the proposal for the acceptance of Ethical standards was discussed further after the presentation in the DA. Participants were generally in favour of the proposal, but many good comments were raised and the need to emphasize on ethical behaviour was stressed. Some participants wanted to implement the rules in the new FEIF rulebook so they would be binding for everybody within the organisation. The Board will review the proposal together with comments from participants at the conference.
Participants discussed the current situation regarding anti doping rules and the enforcement thereof. A presentation was made on the current status of the matter, the outcome of the survey made by the FEIF board and the possible ways to move forward. The Chairpersons were of the opinion that FEIF should follow the FEI general principles of the matter, but the rules and enforcement should cover all activities. FEIF needs to step in when there are no actions from the member countries. Some were of the opinion that FEIF should make sure that all member associations were linked to their national authority on doping, and FEIF would then only have to control the matter at World Championships.
A proposal from the Board on a project where national associations would do a SWOT analysis on the current situation of the Icelandic horse activities in their countries got a good acceptance. On basis of this process, we might be able to identify focus areas for the coming years and mutually agree on how FEIF best supports its member countries.