Annual Chairperson Meeting

March 9 2012 | Chairpersons

At the annual chairperson meeting various presentations were given which all for download from the FEIF website. These presentations concerned the newly founded department of leisure riding but also the process of integrating the FEIF logo into the member logs and the newest developments of the TaskForce process regarding statutes, FIRO and arbitration.
The chairpersons agreed on strongly supporting FEIF’s motto for 2012:
“2012 – The Year of Good and Harmonious Riding?
In a workshop the participants discussed the promotion of the Icelandic horse in future and the outcome were interesting results and ideas which will hopefully contribute to a further step in the development of our FEIF world.
In the meeting it was decided, that all member countries shall integrate the FEIF-logo in their own logo, and link from their website to