FEIF Annual Questionnaire 2021


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The number of members is constituted by all members, either being a direct member or a member of a local riding club. General rule is to count the heads (only once).

What types of membership are offered?
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Number of clubs
Number of FEIF young horse and foal assessments in 2021
Number of shows organized according to B11.1.8 – Regulations for foal and young horse evaluations.
Number of young horses and foals that were assessed in these shows
Number of OTHER shows (not according to B11.1.8)
CPD Seminars for trainers/instructors in 2021
Number of in-person seminars?
Number of virtual seminars?
Number of Non-WRanking competitions and other events 2021 organized by the Icelandic horse association
Sport C or leisure classes:
Endurance or long distance events:
TREC competitions:
Official tour rides where the date/invitation was published on social media:
How many national or regional sport judges with valid licence do you have at the various levels (2021)?
National sport judges:
Regional sport judges:
How many events were organized in 2021 dedicated to young riders only?
What is your association’s assumption regarding the general trend regarding future developments of the Icelandic horse in your country – especially beyond the current situation caused by Covid-19. Is the trend … (up, down, no changes and WHY?)
Are there currently discussions/decisions of Herpes vaccinations as a requirement for horse events? What is the status of the discussions?
What innovative ideas or initiatives developed from the Covid-19 crisis? And are you planning to continue after the end of the crises /when situation improves?
What else do you think FEIF and your fellow member Associations need to know?